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The obverse of the coin is divided into inner and outer areas by bead circle. The upper margin of the outer area is written with "made by the military government" and the lower margin is marked with "one circle". There is a cross star on both sides, which is small and exquisite. The inner area is written with "Sichuan silver coin" which is read directly. The font is dignified, mellow and lovely. In the middle is engraved with a beautiful hibiscus flower, symbolizing Chengdu. On the back of the silver coin is the first year of the Republic of China, with a cross star on both sides and a big circle in the middle. The character "Han" in the inner seal script represents the meaning of "Han" in the new government. Under the word "Han", there is a horizontal shading decoration, surrounded by a circle of 18 small circles, engraved with vertical decorative patterns, symbolizing the eighteen provinces that responded to the 1911 Revolution. The overall design is exquisite and of great collection value. In the process of overthrowing the feudal dynasty and establishing the Republic of China, the military government played an important role (later evolved into warlord melee). As a regional temporary government in a very special period, the military government has issued currency, such as the military government of North Lake and the military government of Sichuan Province, all of which have issued copper coins, but only the military government of Sichuan Province has issued silver coins, which are very rare, with strong historical value and great significance. At first, these currencies were used to raise military pay and maintain government expenditure. Later, they also became regional currencies. Therefore, the military government currency has dual functions of military currency and civil currency, which is of great significance.