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Aixin Jueluo Qishun, No. Yunsong (Wang Beiji). Born in Beijing, he moved to Julu, Hebei Province and then to Hongdong, Shanxi Province. Graduated from Jilin University with senior professional title. Since childhood, I have studied calligraphy under the guidance of my elder brother Qigong and my predecessors Wei Junxiu and Dong Shouping. He has been engaged in calligraphy teaching since 2006. Now he is a national first-class artist, a member of Shanxi Calligraphy Association, executive director of the Royal Academy of calligraphy and painting of China, and a researcher of Wanli Calligraphy Artists Association of China. The book is longer in official script and also in Wei Dynasty. Now living in Tongzhou, Beijing, engaged in professional calligraphy creation and teaching. CCTV and more than 20 local TV stations have broadcast their calligraphy programs.



[collection name]: Struggle


[Specification]: 4.5 flat ruler


This work "struggle" is written by Aisin Juelu Qishun himself, and is carefully created. The work is characterized by fine brushwork and harmonious expression. It not only has the style of Jin and Tang Dynasties, but also has the advantages of many families. It is elegant and ancient, full of book flavor, meaningful and free and easy, bringing infinite charm to the audience. Recommended by Zhao Jiaxi in 1978, aixinjuelu Qishun was recognized by the Chinese Calligraphy Association and the Chinese Academy of fine arts, and was designated as a national first-class artist.