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【名称】 孙小头开国纪念币上六星

【规格】 直径:39.1mm 厚:2.4mm 重:26g

【类别】 钱币



开国纪念币是民国元年(1912)南京造币厂根据财政部的命令铸造。此藏品为孙小头开国纪念币上六星,正面中心是孙中山侧面照,上方镌“中华民国”,下镌“开国纪念币”,左右各有长枝梅花图案。背面中心有币值“壹圆”字样,托以嘉禾纹,左右各一枝,每枝一穗叁叶,上侧铸有“MEMENTO”(纪念币)字样,下侧为“BIRTH OF REPUBLIC OF CHINA”(中华民国诞生),左右上方分列六角星图案。此币品相极好,色泽自然,文字图案清晰,孙中山头像栩栩如生,散发出一股王者的风范和历史沉淀的气息。又因其深厚的文化寓意,使其具有很高的收藏价值与投资价值。整体币面干净,色泽明亮,铸造工艺精湛,乃古钱币之精品。



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[Name] Six stars on the commemorative coin of sun xiaotou's founding

[Specification] Diameter: 39.1mm thickness: 2.4mm weight: 26G

[Category] Coin


The commemorative coins of the founding of the people's Republic“钱可以借你,但你会进地狱”:这部8分漫画,揭露日本的伤疤 of China (1912) were minted by Nanjing Mint according to the order of the Ministry of finance. This collection has six stars on the commemorative coins of sun xiaotou's founding. In the center of the front is Sun Yat-sen's side photo. On the top is engraved "Republic of China" and on the bottom is engraved "commemorative coins of founding". There are long branches of plum blossom on the left and right. In the center of the reverse, there is a coin value of "one yuan" with Jiahe pattern, one branch on the left and one branch on the right, each branch has three leaves and one ear. On the upper side, there is a inscription of "memento", on the lower side, there is a inscription of "birth of the Republic of China", and on the left and right, there is a hexagon star pattern. This coin has excellent appearance, natural color, clear writing pattern, vivid Sun Yat-sen's head, which exudes a king's style and historical precipitation. Because of its profound cultural implication, it has high collection value and investment value. The whole coin is clean, bright in color and exquisite in casting technology, which is a fine product of ancient coins.